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your enneagram colors

I always love taking those fun little quizzes to see what describes me the best according to my personality - just like the Enneagram. I had no idea what Enneagram numbers were so I had to do a deep dive to see how this worked. The Enneagram is a map for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 different personality types. It shows why you think, feel, and behave based on your fears and desires. So to make this really fun, I had to put in some colorways that I believe would resonate best with these 9 different personality types. 

These 9 types are broken down into three distinct categories - heart, head, and body types. Heart types are known to use their emotional intelligence to understand their reactions and how they connect to others around them. Two, Three, and Four enneagram numbers are included in the heart type. Head types hold numbers Five, Six, and Seven. These three are focused on control and react with analysis first. They’re all about stability and security. The last group is the body which holds numbers Eight, Nine, and One. People in the body group tend to connect with people based on their instincts and make sense of what's happening around them based on their gut feeling.

heart types

The heart group is also known as the feeling group, they use how they feel to help guide their decisions. They are very aware of others' emotions and they are very in tune with their peers and when they need support. Since heart types are based on emotions, I think of more expressive colors for them! Something fun to make them stand out. 

Pinot Noir Normandy  Terracotta 

Let's break down the Heart Types:

Two - The Giver: Two's are very giving and personal. They love being around those that are close to them and cherish long lasting friendships. 

Three - The Achiever: Three's are very success oriented! They want to make themselves known and like to seek approval from their peers. They want to know that they're doing a good job!

Four - The Individualist: Four's are very sensitive and expressive. They like to vent to others but want people to know them for who they are. They're also not afraid to say what's on their mind! 

head types

Head types are famous for being the "thinkers". They use how they think to make decisions, which tend to be very well analyzed and well thought out decisions. Adventurers and learners, that's what I think of when I think of Head Types. So naturally, we need some fun colors, but colors that will carry you through the season in a practical sense. 

Jardin  Boulangerie Provence Toile

Let's break down the Head Types:

Five - The Investigator: Fives truly are investigators, they love to learn and want to know everything about their interests. 

Six - The Loyalist: Sixes are extremely loyal and very committed to their friendships and will do what they need to do to keep those friendships alive! They're very handy to know because they are so kind and great problem solvers. 

Seven - The Enthusiast: Sevens are the life of the party! They love to have a good time and experience new and crazy adventures! Skydiving anyone?

body types

Body types are very instinctive, they use their intuition to guide them to their decisions, they are natural born leaders. When I think of Body Types, I think of colors that go with everything, you know, good basics that help make your project complete. 

Au Lait  Marseille Maison

Now, let's get to know the Body Types:

Eight - The Challenger: Eights are very self confident in life, their work, and hobbies! They love competition and winning. 

Nine - The Peacemaker: Nines are great listeners, natural therapists and love helping their loved ones. They are always there for their friends and will help them with whatever problems they may have. 

One - The Perfectionist: Ones are very self controlled and perfectionists. They're hard on themselves and loved ones to become the best that they can be. 

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