Sewrella Yarn Club Questions

How do I check my point total?

Easy! Just login to your account here. Tap the crown icon in the bottom right corner of our website to view point totals, redeemable rewards, and the next reward you're working toward!

Can I use rewards and gift cards on the same purchase?

Yep! You can use one reward on orders and as many gift cards as you like.

Can I use rewards and coupon codes on the same purchase?

Nope, one discount per order please!

This program is awesome! Can I refer friends?

Yep! Login to your account here. Tap the crown icon in the bottom right corner of our website and scroll down. There you'll find your unique referral code, share that link with friends - when they make a purchase you'll both get rewarded!

Can I earn points on previous purchases?

To keep things fair, points are only earned on purchases from the time you create a Sewrella Yarn account onward.

What happens if my order is cancelled or refunded?

Any points that were earned as a result of the canceled order will be deducted from your account balance.

I made a purchase but the points aren't showing up on my account. What gives?

You may not have been logged in! The system does allow checkout to be completed as a "guest" or you could have accidentally checked out using a different email address than the one connected to your account. Just shoot us an email with your order number and account email address and we'll get it sorted! Email us at

Do Sewrella Yarn points expire?

Yep, but you have a whole year to use them!

Will my reward expire?

Once you have redeemed your points for a reward your code will remain active for 6 months. After 6 months the code will expire, you will not be able to regain these lost points so use them or lose them!