yarn glossary: silk summer

If you’re new to the crafting community or have even been a part of it for a while, you know that there are just so many different names and ways to separate the different yarn weights. Let’s be honest, it can be not only intimidating but also so confusing! I’ve been part of the crafting community for about 15 years and I still get confused. That’s why we have created the Yarn Glossary, a place to go for all things that have to do with names and weights, to help clear up any confusion while you’re yarn shopping. When talking about the weight of yarn, we are referring to how thick the strand of yarn is. Yarn weights go from 0-7, the higher the number is, the less stitches per inch you’ll have. 

There's one base that we save for the warmer months, and we look forward to when it releases every. single. year. That base would be our silk, it comes in both sock weight and dk weight.

Silk might be one of our favorite bases over here at Sewrella HQ. The sheen, the softness, the drape, we honestly can't say enough good things about it! So of course we hade to share some of our favorite patterns on these bases for you! 

What's the difference?

Silk DK  

ur Silk Dk is a CYC 3, 4 ply, 50% Mulberry Silk and 50% Superwash Merino blend with 231 yards / 100 g. 

Silk Sock

Our Sock is a CYC 1, 4 ply, 50% Mulberry Silk and 50% Superwash Merino blend with 438 yards / 100 g. 

DK Weight Knit Patterns

Striped Tee

(EweKnit Toronto)


(Hinterm Stein)




(Audrey Borrego)

 Catal Top

(Catalina Rubke)

Luminous Summer

(Cristina Ghirlanda)

DK Weight Crochet Patterns

White Sand Tee

(Lena Skvagerson)

Bomber Bolena

(Ali Maravillas)

Arbor Tunic

(Crystalized Designs)

Autumnia Sweater

(Luisa B)

 Ruby-V Tank

(MJ's Off The Hook Designs)

Abby Top

(YNIK designs)

Sock Weight Knit Patterns

Golden Oak Tank Top



(Chris Berlin)

Moon Set Tee


Boho Blush

(Andrea Mowry)

Dune and Foresta

(Eri Shimizu)



Sock Weight Crochet Patterns


(Deanne Ramsay)

Alsace Sweater

(Isa Catepillan)

Droppe Sweater

(Eline Alcocer)


(Janette Bogelund Bentzen)


(Michelle Ferguson)

Beatrix Batwing Sweater

(Courtney A. Clark)

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