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I know that I can’t be the only person who is always interested to see what people do at my favorite companies. I’ve always found it so interesting all of the different hats people wear to make things run smoothly, but I’m also nosey. I love seeing and hearing about people’s jobs, it’s always so fun to see what’s out there! 

Over here at the Sewrella Yarn Studio we have a lot of different people wearing a lot of different hats. This week, we sat down with our assistant manager, Karter! 

What made you want to be part of the Sewrella Yarn team?

I've been following along since the Sewrella blog days and I have always loved all of the joy and creativity that you bring along to everything that you do and the passion that is so clearly there. I also loved the idea of working with a small, independent, woman owned and completely woman team! The idea of working with so many strong, independent, and creative women was super appealing to me. Oh and you know....the yarn is pretty fun too! 

How long have you been at Sewrella Yarn?

I'm coming up on one year in August! 

What has been your personal growth with Sewrella Yarn since you started?

A lot! It's been a busy year! I started as a yarn assistant and then around the beginning of this year, I switched over to dyeing. From there, I moved up into more of a leadership role as an Assistant Manager! It's been really fun and I really appreciate being in an environment which allows me to grow so much. 

What does your typical day look like?

Depends on the day! Most days I get in here and get started on dyeing, sometimes I'll pull yarn before that so that the yarn assistants have something to work on when they first get here. When I'm done dyeing, it could be anything! I could be training on new Assistant Manager stuff, pulling more yarn , helping with yarn assistant stuff. Really if there's anything that could be done here, I'm doing it! 

Are you crafty?

Oh yeah, too crafty! I have too many crafty hobbies, it's a problem. Knitting/crochet, embroidery and cross stitch, and just recently I've gotten into sewing! I just started making little project bags! 

What Sewrella Yarn base is your favorite?

I have really loved nylon and classic sock, especially now that it's really warm! In the fall and winter, DK is a very close second. 

Favorite colorway?

Every pink that we have ever done! I loved studio so much. My recent favorite is celerie from the Mayflower collection. 

Favorite Collection?

My favorite collection is the collection that was starting when I first started - the Taylor Swift collection. I got to see that collection from beginning to end so I was here for the whole journey. It holds a special place in my heart. 

What's your favorite part of launching/making a collection?

I love every part of the process and actually seeing the process happen that you don't get to see through the screen. Being able to see the development process has been really fun but also dyeing it up is super fun! There's no part of the process that's not my favorite. 

Favorite tonal season?

I have said this every.single.time - nothing gets better than this. But then the next tonal launches! I feel like fall and summer tonals are a tie for me. Even though they're completely different, they're both just so perfect! 

Favorite thing about being a yarn fairy?

I feel like I can't answer this because everything is my favorite. I just really like the environment that we have - the positivity, the people, the yarn, it's all just so wonderful. 

Current project?

I’m actually crocheting my wedding shawl! It’s going to be on stellina which is also probably my favorite! It will be in a chateau and it’s just a nice big, lace shawl! One of my colors is a dusty blue so chateau just goes so well with it. Most of my wedding inspo actually came from our fall tonal color palette!

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