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Since we're now in April, it's officially time to start spring cleaning - and I'm not talking about cleaning the house or getting your outside patio cleaned up for the nice weather. I'm talking about your yarn stash! 

I have a ton of worsted weight yarn staring at me to be used up so, I headed to Ravelry to find some pattern inspiration! If you're looking to bust through your worsted weight yarn stash check out the patterns I found below!

Crochet Patterns

Pilson Blanket

(Toni Lipsey)

Rhea Raglan Sweater

(Rachael Raimo)


(Amy Christoffers)

Kaleidoscope Shawl

(Sara Kay Hartmann)

Berry-Dipped Raglan

(Little Golden Nook)

Angulus Blanket

(Anna Erlandsson)


Knit Patterns


(Jennifer Steingass)

Hug Hug Kiss Kiss

(Andrea Mowry)

Snowy Forest

(Midori Hirose)

Hipster Shawl

(Joji Locatelli)

Livresque Cardigan

(Espace Tricot)

Seven Sisters Top


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