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Real talk here…..how do you store your yarn? I am very guilty of putting it in totes and storing them in my basement. Trust me, I feel extremely guilty for not showing off my gorgeous stash. Every time I open up those totes it’s like going into a candy store and let’s be honest, yarn goodies should always be on display for everyone to enjoy the beauty of our crafts. 

One of my resolutions for 2022 is to actually display my stash, but in a way that matches with the aesthetics of my home. Something that's beautiful, versatile, but most importantly, shows off my yarn in a fun way that is, like a form of art. I took a deep dive into Pinterest and got lost for longer than I’d like to admit looking at different storage options and boy, did I find some beautiful displays. Of course, I couldn't keep them all to myself so here I am sharing my finds with you!



I am a huge fan of bookshelves, I think I have about three in my home that are filled with books and little knick knacks. But...how fun would it be to reorganize them and add some of my yarn stash there too?? I love how Repeat Crafter Me took her bookshelf underneath her stairs to the next level by adding a little crafting nook!


Morthunder blew me away with this storage idea for cakes! This is like wall art for yarnies and I’m obsessed!


 The Wonder Forest Martha Stewart  Lebenslustiger.com

Alright please excuse me as I run out and buy a cabinet or build some shelving and create something insanely beautiful like this? Everything about these pictures just screams gorgeous and I can’t stop staring at them. Don’t you wish you could just reach into them and hold every single ounce of yarn? I know I can’t be the only one.

storage desk

If this desk isn’t the crafter’s dream then I don’t know what is! Imagine filling those cubbies with yarn and those wooden bins with notions? I need a craft room and this desk ASAP! When I get my craft room, y’all will know where to find me.


While They Play Designs has really stunned me with this beautiful way to organize and display circular knitting needles. Knitters know how difficult it is to organize and keep track of them and this is how to do it! Organization and a beautiful aesthetic…..you’ve won my heart.

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