spring project inspiration

When it comes to knitting or crocheting projects for spring, I always like looking for patterns that I can bring into the summer with me. Whether it's a cute top or tank, shawl, or even a light weight cardigan. 

In this post, I'll be breaking down my favorite knit and crochet patterns for tops, shawls, and light weight cardigans that are perfect for spring! 

*crochet patterns on top, knit patterns on bottom*


Lily Ruffle Sleeve Top

(Sarah Ruane)

Forest Breeze Tee

(Grace Forthefrills)

Roxie Tank

(Toni Lipsey)

Breakfast in the Garden

(Cristina Ghirlanda)


Floodlight Tee

(Tanis Lavallee)


(Caitlin Hunter)



(Deanne Ramsay)

Loveland Shawl

(Toni Lipsey)


(Janica York Carter)

Inclinations Shawl

(Andrea Mowry)

 The Frank Shawl

(Joji Locatelli)

Forest Mosaic Shawl

(Kay Hopkins)


Rosebud Cardigan

(Knits N Knots)

 The Ava Cardigan

(Jessica Herr)

Less is More Cardigan

(Lucia Luciano)

Anna's Cardigan



(Sandrine C)

Snowdrop Cardigan

(Along avec Anna)

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