one skein wonders

If our yarn stash is anything alike, you have just as much single skeins as I do! I have at least one skein of every weight yarn sitting around and I need to use them up! So you know what that means, let's head to Ravelry and find some one skein projects for some different bases! Do you have any favorite one skein patterns?

*patterns on top are crochet, patterns on bottom are knit*


Hook and Needle Basket

(Yarn + Chai)

The Croix Coaster


Bliss Braided Ear Warmer

(Toni Lipsey)

Cuello Flor de Primavera

(Cecilia Losada)

 Moonstone Beanie

(Prem Knits)

Cozy & Lazy Mitts

(Svetlana Volkova)


Easy Everyday Beanie

(Grace Forthefrills)

Mini Sigfrid Sweater

(Justyna Srock)

Boho Plant Hanger

(Alex DellAringa)


(Isabell Kraemer)

Free For All Cowl

(Jen Peck) 

Simply Irresistible Socks

(Christie Archer)


Frankston Market Bag

(Mother Bunch)

Diamonds in the Sky Sweater

(Journey Chanel Designs)

Little Bobble Pillow

(Kathleen Hope)

The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

(Orange Flower Yarn)

 Beeswax Hat

(Amy van de Laar)

Puerperium Cardigan

(Kelly van Niekerk)


Lace Blankey

(A la Sascha)

 Pixel Mittens

(Svetlana Kochkina)

The Campello Top

(Crissy Willis)

Garter Bonnet

(Lisa Chemery)

Farmhouse Dishtowels 

(Purl Soho)

Allium Cepa

(Anna Johanna)


Party Punch Shawl

(Toni Lipsey)

Herringbone Socks

(Ashlea Konecny)

Bridesmaid Shawl

(Michele DuNaier)

DRK Everyday Socks

(Andrea Mowry)

 Woollsia Shawl

(Ambah O'Brien)

Friday Sweater Baby

(Petite Knit)

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