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Since we're now almost in May (I feel like this year just started), it's officially time to start spring/pre summer cleaning - and I'm not talking about cleaning the house or getting your outside patio cleaned up for the nice weather. I'm talking about your yarn stash! 

DK yarn might be one of my favorites and I happen to have some in my yarn stash so, I headed to Ravelry to find some pattern inspiration! If you're looking to bust through your dk yarn stash check out the patterns I found below!

Crochet Patterns

Frankie Bucket Hat

(Toni Lipsey)

The Sweetpea Top

(Rachel Misner)

Don't Scrap That Raglan


Aria Button Down Cardigan

(Grace Forthefrills)

 Chasing Summer

(Knits N Knots)

Sunburst Granny Square

(Sarah-Jayne Fragola)

Knit Patterns 

Foxberry Tee

(Sari Nordlund)

Pressed Flowers

(Amy Christoffers)


(Vicky Chan)


(Caitlin Hunter)

 Very V Neck Raglan

(Jessie Maed Designs)

Odyssey Shawl

(Joji Locatelli)

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