Home Craft Room: Plans

I'm working on the craft room of my dreams and I can't wait to show you my plans!

Our upstairs spare bedroom sits there, mostly unused, with gorgeous light and its own terrace. It's honestly a crime for such a gorgeous space to be ignored!

I've decided to take it over... I guess our guests will sleep on the couch.

It seems fitting that a yarn company owner needs a craft room, right? My personal stash has been held at work and I've spent crafting time at the kitchen table mostly. My supplies are scattered between the studio and various drawers around the house. Basically, I can never find a tapestry needle when I need one!

That stops now.

In my house I have four boys - my husband, my 6 year old Parker, and twin 1 year olds. So legos, car parts, traffic cones, and trains are so abundant that I trip over them and clear them from my countertops daily.

I've never had a space entirely mine alone since owning my own home so I'm SO EXCITED to create my little blush haven - complete with plenty of storage and a tea station!

Here's what we're starting with... the bed and nightstands are moving over to my mom's house in her extra bedroom. Not pictured are the DOUBLE FRENCH DOORS that lead out to the terrace on the front of the house.

Here's my very rough mood board for the room. I'll be bringing lots of IKEA Billy Bookcases from the studio oopsie area (we've been needing to upgrade these to hold more oopsies for a while!) and I'll be adding in a couple of new furniture pieces too.

The entire room will be wallpapered in blush watercolor gingham and I'll replace that ceiling fan with a flush mount light - the one in the mood board gives me very antique / taylor swift vibes!

I hope this is my place to relax, knit, get inspired, fling open those big doors and flood the room with light. I might even put a bench out there on the terrace to knit or have a cup of tea. I just can't wait to make this all my own.


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