3 tips for crochet drape

Whenever I crochet I can always tell the difference in drape compared to when I knit. So, when I crochet I always try to focus on patterns/yarn that I know will give a beautiful drape, especially when it comes to garments. I've found myself making more garments lately than anything else! With crochet, the stitches are denser so it makes it difficult to get that airiness. We have three tips to help bring the perfect drape to your crochet projects. Also of course I had to give some project ideas too! 

Yarn Weight

Don't Scrap That Raglan

(DK Weight)


 Seascape Scallop Tank

(Sport Weight)

Grace Forthefrills

Beaded Collar Peplum

(Sock Weight)

Stephanie Erin

Lighter weight yarns drape better, especially with those dense crochet stitches. To get a beautiful drape, I like to reach for worsted weight yarns or lighter. DK yarns are one of my favorites to crochet with, especially for garments! These lighter weight yarns will give you that nice airiness while still giving you beautiful stitch definition. 

Fiber Content

Fiona Flutter Tee


Courtney A. Clark

Craving Cranberry Cardi


Kate Browne



Kristina Smiley

Fiber content plays a huge role for drape in any project! For that perfect airy movement, cellulose fibers like silk, bamboo, and cotton have much fewer crimps in the fiber and lend themselves to have more movement! One of my personal favorites is our Silk DK yarn that we release during the summer months. 


Aestas Top

Anna Erlandsson


Alyona She

It's a Beautiful Day

Cecilia Losada

Patterns are by far the most important detail when looking at the drape of a project. Any lacey or eyelet stitches have more of an opportunity for drape since there are many "pockets" of air for the piece to breathe and drape. 

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