introducing the daily palette

We always love putting together fun color combinations to help inspire everyone's crafting! So, we have put together something fun and new on our instagram stories, the Daily Palette. 

The Daily Palette will be saved in a highlight right on our instagram page that you can go back and reference! There will be a new palette each day monday - friday for maximum color inspiration. 

Let's take a look at what we have up so far! 

I Believe in People & Mary

Both of these gorgeous colors are from our greatest hits collection - Downton Abbey

Acquisition of Memories, Matterhorn & Sugar Mountain

Acquisition of Memories is from our greatest hits, Downton Abbey collection. Matterhorn & Sugar Mountain are from our winter seasonal tonals. 

Tea Time & Cognac

Tea Time is from our greatest hits - Downton Abbey collection and Cognac is from our seasonal winter tonals. 


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