caring for: bouclé

Bouclé is our winter seasonal base and boy oh boy are we obsessed with the beautiful texture. Even the simplest stitches look thoughtfully planned.

With all of our seasonal yarns becoming more and more popular, we wanted to create a new series on the blog on how to care for your finished projects. Within these posts, we will be sharing with you how we block our bouclé projects. 

Let's get started! 

 1. Grab your favorite wool wash

We're using one of ours from our market! We have two scents that are in our market at all times, unscented and warm cashmere. We also have a different scent for each season to go along with our tonals as well as fun limited edition scents with our collections! This winter's scent is White Birch and it's delightful for blocking this sweater.

2. Grab a tub and fill

Fill your tub with wool wash (varying amounts differ based on the size of your projects) and room temperature water. To preserve the loop style spin and fluffiness of the yarn, we don't want to use cold water (that seizes the fiber) or hot water (that deflates the texure). Room temperature water is best.

3. Let it soak! 

Each project and fiber will require different soaking times. For our bouclé yarn, we suggest soaking your projects for 15 minutes. 

4. Dry it off!

Take your project out of the tub and roll out the excess water in a couple of thick towels. This yarn holds a LOT of water so be careful not to wring it when moving it from the tub. Have plenty of towels on hand!

5. Start blocking! 

Lay your project out and let it air dry! For the first block, use mats and pins to give the project some memory, after that you can care for your projects by following these steps and then laying it flat to dry, ideally on a surface that won't collect moisture and remain damp. A countertop, the top of the washer, or a laundry rack are good options!

Now you know how to care for Bouclé yarns to keep them looking their best all season long.

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