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One of our favorite things to do for each collection is put together a curated post with some of our favorite pieces of the collection together. For the Downton Abbey collection, we couldn't pass up sharing our favorites with you. Come shop the Downton Abbey collection on Saturday, January 28th at 8pm EST. 

Tea Time

The perfect afternoon tea combination. 

Tea Time 

a warm, comfortable, cozy scent that reminds us of long afternoons spent with a cup of tea in hand. Cedar, cardamom, eucalyptus, cinnamon, santal, and amber are ultimate relaxation.

 Tea Time

A sophisticated mauve and cream base is speckled with blues inspired by fine china and warm browns that create an eclectic look.

Earl Grey Lavender

a soft, floral tea that smells incredible and tastes delicate. It reminds me of a tea for the ladies of Downton, elegant but with enough caffeine to get things done. This tea makes an excellent London Fog by steeping the tea in warm milk with a little vanilla and sugar!


The Drawing Room

The perfect soft neutrals for glamorous sophistication. 

Lord Grantham

a tweedy brown tonal that looks effortlessly lived in, fresh off the blocking mats.

The Drawing Room

a sophisticated perfume scent inspired by the 1920s debut of Chanel no. 5. Floral and powdery with that distinct je ne sais quoi. 

Ladies Maid

For lady's maid we created a warm toned neutral that helps to support the rest of the vibrancy in the palette. It works well with most of the other colorways and would be a great addition to the stash!⁠


The Kitchen

The heart of the home. 

Shortbread Biscuits

These are made in Scotland and are the best I've had! 

 Mrs. Patmore's Kitchen

With base tones of warm cream and soft greige, representing her all business attitude on the outside, we layered in speckles of golden brown and many shades of iridescent purple. These colors reflect her unique magnetism and endearing love for the people around her. I just love this character AND this yarn, can you tell?

English Breakfast

a must-have in the tea cupboard! High quality and smooth, this tea is fantastic with cream and sugar.

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