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When you think of your perfect knit night at home, what do you have next to you? For myself, I usually have two different projects - usually one knit and once crochet. Just in case I get bored and need to switch it up. Besides the project, I ALWAYS need a yummy snack - I mindlessly snack when I watch shows or a movie so I always like to have something extra delicious close by. Along with that, I usually have a hand cream near by, I live in Buffalo, NY and since we're still in winter mode up here, my hands are extremely dry and I do not want my dry skin snagging my yarn! You also can't have a perfect knit night without some yummy tea! 

With our Knitflix Collection launching, we have all of the yummy extras that you need for your perfect night in - along with the most beautiful yarn of course! Here are some super fun little curated treats to go along with a few of our favorites! Which one are you snagging for your knit night?


If you haven’t seen it, Younger is about Liza, a 40 year old woman who passes for 26 in order to get a good job in publishing. All kinds of drama ensues but ultimately… women standing up for other women is what conquers all!



 berries & rose popcorn

sweet berry sunshine, white chocolate drizzle, basically Sewrella in popcorn form.

berry rose tea

herbal, soft & sweet, perfect for knitflixing

Ted Lasso

An American football coach from Kansas coaches an English football club and it’s *such* a fun watch. This show is about joy, determination, hard work, and (above all) believing in yourself. Ted’s relentlessly positive attitude juxtaposed with a team who has everything against them unfolds in a witty, dynamic story. 



 bourbon barbeque popcorn

smoky, spiced bbq with a tangy sweetness. Unlike any other popcorn out there, gotta try it to believe it.

glow hand cream

tropical citrus, amber, plum blossom


There was so much color inspiration in Encanto and it was hard to choose a direction. Do we go with one character or song? Ultimately, we did what we always do and chose what makes us *feel* something. For me, that was the house. The dynamic among the Madrigals, the familiar family tension and celebration, the whimsey and spirit of the casita are so special.



 birthday cake popcorn

enjoy this sprinkled confection every day of the year, we won't tell. Buttery and sweet and just plain good.

make hand cream

mandarin, jasmine, champagne

This is Us

I don’t know what it is about This Is Us but it hits an emotional bone I didn’t know I had in my body. Love and hope and heartbreak all in one package that makes me laugh and cry in every single episode. How on earth do you capture the emotion of a show this rich in character …with color?

the big three


almond shortbread tea

warm, cozy, comforting, caffeinated

rest hand cream

oat, milk, & honey

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The very first episode is on Jim Carrey who I’ve been inspired by for as long as I can remember. This episode touches on how deeply thoughtful and creative he is… which isn’t always obvious given the silly physical comedy he’s known for. Every episode is worth watching if you like comedy and interviews but that first one is my favorite for sure.



 cozy mug

apple cinnamon tea

softly spiced & homey herbal

Emily in Paris

If you’ve seen Emily in Paris, you know all about the luxury Parisian marketing company that is all things elegant (except for maybe Champere 😂). I love this show for nothing more than the sights, sounds, food, and CLOTHES in Paris. Cheesy romance is also a welcome addition to my knit night 💁🏻‍♀️



 dark chocolatey caramel 

chocolate, caramel + a sprinkle of sea salt. It's indulgent and perfect with a glass of red wine!

make wool wash

mandarin, jasmine, champagne

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