autumn in new york: curating the collection

One of our favorite things to do with each collection is putting together little "packs" of yarn and market items to make shopping even more fun! For the Autumn in New York Collection, there are just so many goodies between the glorious wool wash and hand cream scents, the teas, and of course we can't forget the 20 different yarn colors! We have grabbed some of our favorites and created a little shopping guide if you need any ideas. 

Shop the collection: Friday, August 26th at 8pm EST! This is a preorder collection that will be open for 24 hours. 

Saturday Morning

Bistro Tea  Bistro Autumn in New York Hand Cream

When I think of Saturday mornings in New York City, I immediately get transported back to my college days at FIT and relaxing in a cafe with a tea before a day full of shopping. Grabbing my favorite scarf on a crisp fall day, wandering around with a cup of tea, nostalgia really hits hard. This grouping speaks for itself. 

Fresh Air

Jazz in the Park Brooklyn Wool Wash Bryant Park

Anytime I'm in New York City, especially in the fall, I always find myself wandering around Central Park and taking in the crisp fall air, listening to the music coming from different corners, it's like it's own little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Sweater Weather

Fall Festival Tea  Sweater Weather Sweater Weather Hand Cream

The second New York cools down, the first thing everyone is reaching for is their favorite sweater. Every year when this happens, you just get that warm and cozy feeling. It's the best time in New York. 

Dinner Parties

Dinner Party  Brooklyn Hand Cream Apartment

Whenever you think of New York based romcoms, you always think about the fabulous dinner parties they throw that you want to be part of! These three immediately transport me there. 

Color Combinations

Of course we had to throw in a few of our favorite color pairings too! Which one's would you pair together?

Sweater Weather Theater Jazz in the Park Townhouse
Sweater Weather Bryant Park Jazz in the Park Soho
Speakeasy Skyline Townhouse Soho

Skyline Sweater Weather Brooklyn Soho

Skyline Bistro Newsprint Soho

Theater Nolita Newsprint Bistro

Brownstone Nolita Newsprint Speakeasy

The Met Soho Newsprint Speakeasy

 Bistro Soho Newsprint Townhouse

Theater Nolita Brick Townhouse

Autumn in New York Brick Brownstone Townhouse

Brick Autumn in New York Theater Sweater Weather

Townhouse Dinner Party Apartment Waverly Place

Theater Nolita Soho Bistro

Sweater Weather Skyline Townhouse
Brick Waverly Place Townhouse Theater

Bryant Park Waverly Place Townhouse Theater

Bryant Park Waverly Place  Townhouse Sweater Weather

Bryant Park Waverly Place Townhouse Bistro

Brick Theater Townhouse Bistro
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