bringing back our autumn tonals

Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner so that means it's time for our in stock autumn tonals to come back to the market, this Friday, September 2nd! We broke all of the colors down for you here so you can decide what colors you'll be adding to your stash this season! 

Mini Sets

Our mini sets include 20g mini skeins of all 10 tonals from our in stock palette. One mini set is 200g total. Classic sock minis are 4 ply, 100% superwash merino wool and are 87yds each/20g. 


Sweet and rich like salted caramel candies - this butterscotch colorway is almost good enough to eat. The deepest gold with undertones of toffee make for the perfect autumnal yellow. 


The autumn tonal lineup is really all about textures and this foggy mushroom-y colorway is exactly the cozy vibe I was going for. This dye blend is complex with taupe, grey, soft tan, & a lavender haze over all of it. It's perfect for a bulky sweater or textural throw blanket. 


A bone white tonal inspired by hand thrown stoneware. I love the look of imperfect pottery and the texture it adds to the table. Whether it's a big holiday gathering or a simple meal after a long week, heirloom ceramics add an element of intention and thoughtfulness that is unmatched. Plus, it's really pretty. 


A french country blue that's perfectly vintage. It took a few tries, but the perfect blend of foggy grey and Parisian blue is here and I might not need another soft blue as long as I live...


A dark, moody green that immediately evokes a sense of calm coziness. Autumn to me means intense, shadowed shades that make for projects just waiting to be bundled up in. Home is exactly that shade for me. Undertones of spruce and charcoal add depth while an olive haze brings it all together. Inspired by Clare Paint's Current Mood home paint color.


An old favorite from the Sewrella Yarn archives. A bright spruce green that is like an autumn gemstone. Evoking happy feelings of hiking in the woods toward a snowy cabin. 


We are known for our blushy tonals and studio is no different. It's the perfect colorway to represent all that the Sewrella Yarn aesthetic is - sometimes playful, sometimes moody, always whimsical and pretty. A mauve and blush base with warm pecan brown undertones. 


Soft and luxe, this deep sapphire blue is anything but simple. It's a complex blend of navy, teal, midnight, and cobalt that lends itself to a sultry textural blue that's unlike any other. 


A chocolate brown with rosy undertones, inspired by the decadent chocolatier in our hometown of Raleigh, Videri Chocolate. Dessert is a love language, and Videri is nothing but the best. The name comes from the North Carolina State motto" esse quam videri" which in Latin means "to be rather than to seem." It's a phrase that urges us to be authentic and honest. Values like these align with us in such a deeply rooted way. aaaand the chocolate is pretty good too. 


Inspired by a full bodied red that's the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent knitting. A plum heavy blend with maroon overtones and a deep burgundy base.

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