the autumn in new york collection

It's autumn, there's a chill in the air, boots on your feet, a thick scarf around your neck, and a hot pumpkin chai tea latte in your hands. The WIP in your bag is made with bulky yarn, distant giggles from a children's fall festival echo around the corner, the soft chatter of friends getting coffee hums on the city sidewalks. Cars softly beep their horns and the people of the city hurry along under tree lined streets. Passing brownstones and museums, you stop into a local wine shop to pickup a bottle for the dinner party later - and sunflowers because they look so good arranged in wicker baskets outside. The lights of the skyline glimmer in the evening light and a soft drizzle of rain sets in as you hail your cab. You don't even mind because it feels so cozy. Walking up the stone steps into a friend's apartment for dinner, you kick off your boots, say hello, pour a glass of red, watch the rain outside, and smell something cinnamon-y cooking in the kitchen. Sitting down to catch up with your favorite people, a fire roaring in the marble hearth, you feel warmth, you feel love, you feel home.

This is the feeling we hope to emulate with the Autumn in New York Collection, a brand new collaboration between Sewrella Yarn & Two of Wands! If you aren't familiar with Alexi, the designer behind the incredible knitting and crochet designs that have made her a household name in yarn crafts, fall in love with her here.

I've known Alexi since I first began designing crochet and knitting patterns back in 2016. I was fortunate enough to work alongside her for several years and we've remained great friends since, celebrating each others' triumphs and commiserating over our tough moments in both personal and professional life. She's a wonderful person with impeccable taste, and absolutely killer designs.

We knew we wanted to create a collection together around our mutual love of 90s NYC by way of Meg Ryan romantic comedies like You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. So we shared ideas, color palettes, swatches, and more over the course of nearly a year envisioning what this collection could become. Now we've finally made the yarns and curated the market for our perfect Autumn in New York moment, and we hope you love it.

Available for preorder Friday, August 26th at 8pm eastern.

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