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yarn glossary: suri lace

If you’re new to the crafting community or have even been a part of it for a while, you know that there are just so many different names and ways to separate the different yarn weights. Let’s be honest, it can be not only intimidating but also so confusing! I’ve been part of the crafting community for about 15 years and I still get confused. That’s why we have created the Yarn Glossary, a place to go for all things that have to do with names and weights, to help clear up any confusion while you’re yarn shopping. When talking about the weight of yarn, we are referring to how thick the strand of yarn is. Yarn weights go from 0-7, the higher the number is, the less stitches per inch you’ll have. 

This week on The Stitch, we have Suri Lace! Our Suri Lace yarn is a CYC 0, also known as thread or light fingering weight yarn. Suri is gorgeous, either worked up on it’s own, or held with another yarn. The texture of the yarn creates a beautiful fuzzy halo effect when worked up. 

What is Suri Lace?

Suri Lace is a single ply, 74/26% suri alpaca and silk blend. It comes with 328 yards per 50 grams. 


Knit gauge for suri lace is 33-40 stitches on 1.5-2.25 mm knitting needles. The crochet gauge is 32-42 stitches on a 2.25 mm crochet hook. 

Knit Patterns

Jona Cardigan

(Tanja Koenigs)

Puff Tee

(Pernille Larsen)

A Hap for Harriet

(Kate Davies Designs)

Frida Sweater

(Gregoria Fibers)

Rapunzel Blouse

(Aneta Szydlak-Bleyer)

October Day Sweater

(Masha Zyablikova)

Crochet Patterns 

Peppercorn Tree Hoodie

(Emilia Johansson)

Relaxation Shawl

(A la Sascha)

Laci Cardi

(Rebecca Velasquez)

Goccia D'oro

(Mirka Rallo)

 Drue Jakke

(Sonia Torner)


(Michelle Ferguson)
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