the perfect palette

Creating the perfect palette can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With so many gorgeous yarn options, palette combination options are endless and you can express your own personal style through color.
First we need to understand some basic color theory. I found this incredible video (that I've watched lots of times when thinking about colorway development and honestly is my secret sauce when thinking about color!) that teaches all about the basics of arranging color. It's really helpful when thinking about choosing yarns and what colors go well together.
Watch it below!
A helpful way to think about color combinations is to think about warm and cool tones. Above we have three warm toned yarns that work really well together.
Working in a monochromatic palette is another way to create a foolproof color palette. Blues always look good together!
Mixing warm and cool tones within one palette can be trickier, we recommend playing with this in small doses and utilizing traditional color complements like red/blue above.

 Arranging how much of each color will be used is another important way to determine what yarns to choose for your palette. Maybe you love Terracotta but don't know what to choose for color 2 or Color 3.

The 60/30/10 rule is imperative here. 

 60% of the palette should be the dominant or main color.

30% of the palette should be the accent or coordinating color.

10% of the palette should be the contrast color for a bit of pop.

 Here's another example of this:

 Fun, right!? See my personal favorite color combination from the Spring Tonals below. I just love the way Jardin and Normandy balance and harmonize together!

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