The Mayflower Collection

The Mayflower Collection is our most storied series of colorways yet - read below to learn where, why, and how we arrived at this theme and mark your calendars for its launch, May 27th at 8pm eastern!

I've wanted to visit the historic Mayflower Inn since I first heard about its lore years ago - it was the inspiration for Gilmore girls. Here's the story as they say it goes:

It's the late 90s and the creator of Gilmore girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino (television genius and total role model) had pitched a whole bunch of new show ideas to Warner Brothers... that they didn't go for. As a hail mary, she spit out "or there's an idea about a mom and daughter who are sort of more like sisters" and WB said "we'll buy that one!"

She left the meeting knowing nothing more than that about the story and she had to write the pilot... like now. An entire world full of characters, story, and setting had to be created out of thin air. Amy and her husband headed to the country to spend a quiet weekend brainstorming and (hopefully) come back with a story.

Where they went was the Mayflower Inn, a 100 year old school-turned-country-inn outside a tiny town called Washington Depot, Connecticut. This tiny town has little more than some charming residences, an old church, and one traffic light. The next town over, Litchfield, had a quaint town square with a coffee shop (very very much like Luke's except the owner wasn't quite as crabby), specialty boutiques, the CUTEST bookstore, and a little general store.

While visiting, they loved the area so much that they looked around and said "what if the mom runs an inn like this one? what if her town is tiny and quaint and full of these interesting characters? what if they had town hall meetings like Washington Depot does? And a market and a coffeeshop and a bookstore..."

The Mayflower Inn itself has recently been entirely redesigned by Celerie Kemble, giving it a fresh modern look that is somehow still perfectly charming and cozy. It's a place unlike any other I've been and I knew I'd be so inspired by these spaces. So I brought Brooke and CJ along and we dreamed up colorways between amazing meals in The Garden Room and spa treatments at The Well.

I can't wait to show you all the colorways inspired by spaces and experiences at The Mayflower Inn.

xoxo Ashleigh

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