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sewrella: back to design

It's late 2015, I'm 4 months pregnant with Parker and I'm already struggling to work a long shift on my feet. I know I don't want to keep this job after the baby is born so I let my boss know today is my last day (he see's it coming). That weekend CJ and I go to the mountains for some much needed time to think. I bring my crochet project, a baby hat, on the drive.

While we're driving, we talk about our future, the baby on the way, what my life will look like post birth, and what to do in the meantime since I have 5 whole months before that happens. I express that my dream is to stay at home with the baby while working from home somehow.

While I'm crocheting in the car, we start talking about my projects and the bloggers I admired. CJ asks about their websites, social media, and YouTube channels. The more questions he asks the more we realize this is something we could try. We talk about the crochet projects I've made for the baby so far and what I would make next.

When we return home from our trip, we've come up with a bulleted list of what we need to get started. I used a word generator tool to create the word "Sewrella" (being a mashup of crafting terms and magical disney inspired words) because I wanted to make sure my blog name wouldn't be taken on social channels or web domains. We setup a very basic blog and opened a YouTube account.

With a goPro CJ already had, I recorded a video tutorial for the baby hat I was working on. That became the Parker Baby Hat which still ranks in the top spots on Google when one searches "crochet baby hat" and started me on a journey I never saw coming.

Now 6 years later, I own a yarn company with it's own studio & a dozen employees that I only started because I didn't much care for working for the biggest craft brands in the world. What???? How did that happen to a girl in her apartment with a big pregnant belly, a hook, and a goPro??

In the interim I created patterns for Lion Brand Yarn, Joann Stores, Michaels, and more. I designed everything from baby booties to complex garments in a range of sizes. I made it ALL, and then I made yarn.

Let's walk down memory lane with all the fun things I made back in the day!

For the last couple of years, I've barely picked up hooks and needles. I've missed it but while being pregnant with twins and then a mom to three with a thriving yarn business - there was hardly time to knit. I'm so thrilled to say that I'm slowly finding time again!


While I wish I had unlimited hours in a day to dream up patterns and bring them to life, I’m managing a lot more now (both personally and professionally!) than I did back when I knit every stitch… but I didn’t want to let go completely of design and all the possibilities within it.

& the idea that became the Pattern Library was born! A collaborative, curated collection of crochet and knit designs. Made by designers from all over the world with a wide range of specialties & styles - all in one place, our Pattern Library 💗

Taking on the role of pattern curator instead of pattern designer has been a mind shift for me, but I can feel myself finding my groove and I am so thrilled to be able to create a library full of options, techniques, styles, and more by pooling the talents of so many creatives in one place... rather than it all relying on me and only me.

The patterns in our library will highlight Sewrella Yarn bases, made in a blank canvas style. I know y’all have gorgeous stashes so I hope you’ll dive into them & find the perfect pattern for your most precious yarns! And I hope you discover new designers that you come to love in the process!

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