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heirloom blankets

Blankets. Blankets are a staple around here. Every season I'm always searching for a new favorite pattern or yarn base that I fall in love with to create something beautiful for my home. Now I'm one of those girls that loves my house nice and cold so that I can snuggle up with my puppy, a cup of tea, in a blanket no matter what season it is. I also love making blankets for my sisters to have in their homes. Something that they set out on their couch and show off to their guests, and can hold onto. 

When I think of either knitting or crocheting a blanket, I always reach for a high quality yarn because I know that it's durable and will last through use and wash. Creating these projects is a lot of work, so I want to make sure that myself and whoever else I make one for, will have them forever and can pass them down. I always love the thought of after I make these blankets, that I can pass them down to my future children or my future nieces and nephews. 

The perfect heirloom blanket patterns


Seton Portage Blanket

(Monika Anna)

Little Tern Blanket

(Tin Can Knits)

Antlers Beach Throw

(Knox Mountain Knit Co)

The Days To Come

(Fifty Four Ten Studio)

Stornoway Throw

(Anita Grahn)

No-Purl Ribbed Blanket

(Purl Soho)



(Robin Parent)

Stargazer Blanket

(Emma Varnam)

Nature's Walk Blanket

(Sandra Paul)

Domino Coverlet

(Alexandra Tavel)

Seedling Blanket


Hilde's Flower Blanket

(Tatsiana Kupryianchyk)

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