cashmere pattern ideas

We're always looking for inspiration for our yarn stash! We wanted to put together some pattern ideas for everyone shopping our seasonal bases, cashmere sock and cashmere dk! 

Cashmere Sock

Marble Mount



(Caitlin Hunter)

 Waiting for Rain

(Sylvia McFadden)

Tiara Sweater

(Linda Skuja)

Peachy Geometric

(Sandra Paul)

Dreamscape Colorwork Pullover

(Expression Fiber Arts)

Cashmere DK

Una Sweater

(Irene Lin)


(Andrea Mowry)


(Isabell Kramer)

Purrfect Pullover

(Tigers Eye Handmade)

Valentino Wrap

(TL Yarn Crafts)

Jacket "Basic"

(Nadegda Osipova)

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