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Whether you love tea, or you're still drinking the stuff from the grocery store exclusively when you've got a cold - your cup is as good as your loose leaf.

Our brand new line of Purl Tea is as beautiful as it is delicious! (Peep that new packaging preview, you'll see this change over in March!) The Sewrella Yarn Experience is about taking time for ourselves. A few minutes (or more!) a day doing what sparks joy for YOU is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves.

For me, brewing my daily cup of tea is a big part of that ritual. You can't rush it, it has to steep for a set length of time. It has to cool down before I can sip on it. Moving slowly and intentionally informs how I live the rest of my life and drinking my tea in the morning is a reminder to start as I mean to go on.

Learn how I brew the perfect cup of tea below! There are slight temperature and steep time variations among different types of tea (green tea only needs about 2 minutes to steep while herbal can steep longer, 4-5 minutes for deeper flavor) so brew it how you like it! There are no rules here... except that you love what you sip.


  • 2 tsp tea
  • loose leaf tea strainer
  • 2 cups 200º water
  • heat safe mug
  • sweet cream (optional)


Heat a kettle until boiling, set aside for a few minutes to come down to 200º F or use an electric kettle.

Measure dry loose leaf Purl Tea into loose leaf tea strainer, place strainer in mug.

Top with hot water. Steep 3 minutes.

Remove strainer. Add sugar, milk, or (my favorite) a sweet cream coffee creamer! I like about 1 tsp in my cup of tea.



Take your time and enjoy the process, brewing tea is a little slow and meditative but that's kind of the point - take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy the experience! Or knit a few stitches during that steep time.

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