yarn glossary: classic dk

If you’re new to the crafting community or have even been a part of it for a while, you know that there are just so many different names and ways to separate the different yarn weights. Let’s be honest, it can be not only intimidating but also so confusing! I’ve been part of the crafting community for about 15 years and I still get confused. That’s why we have created the Yarn Glossary, a place to go for all things that have to do with names and weights, to help clear up any confusion while you’re yarn shopping. When talking about the weight of yarn, we are referring to how thick the strand of yarn is. Yarn weights go from 0-7, the higher the number is, the less stitches per inch you’ll have. 

First up on the Sewrella Yarn list (drumroll please) - Classic DK. Now DK weight yarn is probably one of my favorites, it’s light enough for beautiful garments but still works up pretty quickly! The drape and stitch definition is HEAVENLY! 

what is DK weight yarn?

DK stands for double knitting which is a knitting term that many knitters are familiar with. But, in this case, DK only refers to the weight of the yarn. DK is often referred to as light, baby weight, or CYC level 3

So what makes up the Sewrella Yarn Classic DK? Our beautiful and lofty Classic DK is a 4ply 100% Superwash Merino Wool holding 231 yards/100g.  


When using light weight yarn, smaller needles and crochet hooks will be your best friend. The knit gauge is 21 to 24 stitches per 4 inches on 3.75mm to 4.5mm needles. The crochet gauge is 12 to 17 stitches per 4 inches on a 4.5mm to 5.5mm crochet hook. 


There are so many projects to use DK weight yarn for! Baby blankets, sweaters/cardigans, and shawls are the perfect projects for light weight yarn. Here are some of our favorites. 


Double Scoop Shawl


Rustic Market Bag

(Camilla N. Skjoenhaug)


Sagebrush Tank Top

(Grace Forthefrills)


Mountain Peaks Cardigan

(Knits N Knots)

Loveland Shawl 

(Toni Lipsey)

Cosmopolitan Sweater




Sea Glass Sweater

(Wool & Pine)


(Andrea Mowry)

 Little Knit Sweater



(Sarah Bleau Design)

No Frills Sweater


Little Tern Blanket 

(Tin Can Knits)

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