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Our silk base has to be our all time favorite seasonal base. The sheen, drape, everything about it is pure perfection. It was only fitting that with sharing our favorite base, we had to share some of our favorite silk projects with you! There's a lot of project inspo in this post - we had to cover both DK and sock weight silk. Which project catches your eye?

Knit DK Weight Projects


(Alicia Plummer)

Simple Gifts

(Dee O'Keefe)

Beyond the Dunes

(Hinterm Stein)



 Love Note



(Yumiko Alexander)

Crochet DK Weight Projects

The Aydin Cardigan

(Meghan Ballmer)

 Boho Sunset Shawl

(MJ's Off the Hook Designs)

Pressing Herbs Top

(Amanda Corvello)

White Sand Tee

(Lena Skvagerson)

Spring Woodland

(Kaye Adolphson)

Kiskeya Tank

(Elisabeth Desamour)

Knit Sock Weight Projects


(Veera Valimaki)

Posy Tank Top

(Along avec Anna)

Pebble Beach Shawl

(Helen Stewart)

Wild Swan

(Anne-Lise Maigaard &Nim Teasdale)


(Marzena Kolaczek)

Lidia Tee

(Juana Roman)

Crochet Sock Weight Projects


(Aoibhe Ni)

Taroko Sweater

(Nomad Stithces)

Free Spirit Stole

(Kira Dulaney)


(Michelle Ferguson)

 Alsace Sweater

(Isa Catepillan)

Camellia Shawl

(Vicky Chan)


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