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playlist #1 overview

We're doing things a little different this year with our Greatest Hits collection! This year we're doing super fun playlists throughout the year to celebrate 5 years in business! We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for this year. Let's take a look at our first playlist launching January 1st! 

Looking for a playlist to listen along with to gather some inspiration for a project? Ashleigh curated the perfect songs to go along with playlist no. 1

All of these colors will be available for preorder SUNDAY January 1st!

Playlist #1


We're kicking off our Greatest Hits Collection with an all-time favorite, a Sewrella Yarn classic colorway inspired by Epcot.⁠

This colorway was originally debuted in our 2020 Disneyland Collection and made several comebacks since. Epcot is a combination variegated with tones of cream, silver, and slate grey with vibrant deep purple speckles all over. The swatches show how marled the finished project will look - it's easy to see why this one is a bestseller! ✨⁠

For anyone who remembers the original version of Epcot (or has some in their stash!) it's worth noting that this recipe has been altered from the original. We now have much stricter quality control and better consistency practices than we did in 2020 so we've reformulated Epcot to create the best, most consistent recipe in line with our current dyeing operations!⁠


The number one bestselling colorway from 2022's Knitflix Collection is BACK!⁠

We've done a small selection of off-black yarns throughout our five years and this one might be my favorite. A deep satin black with undertones of blue inspired by the cocktail dress Audrey Hepburn wears in Sabrina.⁠

I've loved Audrey's fashion since I was a little girl, watching Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. After reading about her creative partnership with Hubert de Givenchy, who has been touted as the pillar of romantic elegance, I knew a sophisticated black tonal would be exactly what Audrey would wear 🖤⁠

Grace Kelly

Only those of you from the earlyyy days will remember this colorway, she wasn't from a collection of any kind because we designed this variegated in 2018!⁠

Grace Kelly was one of our very first hit colorways that I felt personified the style I was trying to carve out for myself. A blush pink with silver grey and soft black speckles, she's simple and sophisticated!⁠


A fan favorite from our Taylor Swift Collection in 2021, this colorway is a nostalgic look at feminine pop. Bright lavender meets blush pink and strawberry red with a hazy filter of taupe to give a sepia style finish. It's everything we love and a perfect representation of our artistic style 💗⁠


An archive colorway from 2020’s Spring Botanticals collection! This palette was really special because it was the first time we tried making an entirely tonal collection (we wound up adding in one variegated later) and it laid the foundation for our in stock tonal palettes 🥰

Hydrangea is a mix of soft petal blues and lavenders with a splash of brighter color, the hue of the sky on a clear spring day 🌞

From the Vault: Richard & Rory

Originally part of our 2020 Gilmore girls collection, we weren’t able to make this colorway available at the time. We found this recipe when reviewing our archive and tweaked it to make it perfect.. I could *not* love it more!

One of my favorite relationships in Gilmore girls (my all time fav show) is that between Richard & Rory. He is her champion in big things and small, he pushes her and believes she can do anything. Her love and admiration for him are such a special part of the show and I love their moments together.

We made a dynamic colorway with deep rich blues, for their mutual experiences at Yale, peachy pinks for Rory’s youthful perspective and deeper mauves to represent her growth throughout the series. Deep navy notes the formal tone of their relationship on the surface and aubergine shows the developed later nature of their connection - a blend of the deep mauves and blues that make up the rest of this colorway 💙

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