got scraps?

The end of a project is always soo satisfying...well except for weaving in all of those pesky ends! At the end of every project I always sit back and enjoy the piece that I’ve just created, then my eyes go straight to the unused yarn I have sitting right next to me. What do you usually do with that? I’ve been saving my scraps up but of course, have no idea what to do with them. Well, Pinterest, here I come!

granny squares

Of course my mind immediately goes to granny squares, especially the Puff Stitch Granny Square (we also have that pattern here)! They are the sweetest little things and so mindless to create once you have your heart set on a pattern. How much fun would it be to create a whole granny square blanket from scraps of other projects you’ve done? I love this idea, you would get a good sense of what colors you gravitate towards!
rug hooking
Ok I know this is a little different and a completely new craft but have you ever seen rug hooking? My mom has always been super crafty and is always taking up something new (she’s where I get all of my ideas from) and she recently has taken up rug hooking. I have to say, it’s some of the coolest stuff that I have ever seen. She uses a mixture of wool sheets, silk, velvet, and guess what….YARN SCRAPS!! These all get placed into a design that then becomes either wall art (they almost look like a watercolor painting) or a rug!
gift wrapping
I’m always striving to create beautiful gifts when I’m wrapping them. I'm a sucker for wrapping paper...don’t look in my garage because there are bins filled! But, have you seen the basic kraft paper wrapped gifts? How cute would it be to add a yarn element to that! Either using it around the gift like ribbon or even throwing a pompom on there! The cutest wrapping idea ever and the recipient can enjoy our love for yarn too.
I absolutely love macramé, it’s so boho and can add a little bit of life to any bare walled room in your home! I think it would be so fun to collect yarn scraps in similar tones and create a macramé hanging for a room. I’m definitely thinking I need to do this to my home office. Add a little flair with some of my favorite yarns, yes please!
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