autumnal colorwork

Colorwork is one of our favorite things over here at Sewrella Yarn HQ. Combining colors is one of our weaknesses, we always love putting together different combinations of all of our collections to see what really strikes the eye of crafters. The patterns that come with colorwork are even more beautiful. Whether it's stranded colorwork, intarsia, duplicate stitch, we're obsessed with it all! 

We put together some of our favorites that we will for sure be adding to our project library this year *and hopefully working up* before the year ends. If you're looking for a color combination post, we have one here on our favorite autumn tonal color palettes. 

Knit Projects

Country Yoke

(Yana Markevich)

When You're Fast Asleep

(Jessica Anderson)

Color Shifting Shawl

(Jennifer Fish)

Patchwork Pullover

(Perfectly Knotted)

Arsiangar Shawl

(Jonatan Tallow)

Autumn Bloom Sweater

(Olga Putano)

Crochet Projects

The Cabin Quilt

(K and S Knits)

Alcona Colorwork Sweater

(Svetlana Avrakh)

The Austen Wrap

(Lucky Penny Craft Co)

Colorwork Yoke Sweater

(Amy Gunderson)

The Plaid Pillow

(Nauti Krall Crochet)

Jewel Tone Tee

(Knits N Knots)

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