all about oopsies

Did someone say discounted one of a kind yarn? Yes please.

You keep hearing this word... "oopsie" - but you don't know what it is or why you should care about them.

what are oopsies?

Oopsies are all of our overflow, extra yarn. They can be one of three types:

  • One of a kind prototypes that we didn't wind up carrying in the shop
  • Seconds that didn't pass quality control (with dye issues, not wool abnormalities. bare spots or color recipe inconsistencies)
  • Or perfectly good recipes that we just had leftovers!

what happens with all of them?

Once we fill up our office with all of the oopsies, we have an oopsie sale! This sale is super fun, you're buying surprise yarn! Our oopsies are always bundled into packs of 4 skeins.

We put color combinations together that coordinate just in case you want to use a whole oopsie bundle in one project, however a lot of people split them up among many projects!

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