a year of greatest hits

This year we're doing something a little different for our Greatest Hits collection. Since we're celebrating 5 years of business, we wanted to do something BIG! Now you know over here, we put our all into everything that we do and our Greatest Hits is no exception. 

Throughout our 5 years of business, we have really built up a collection of fan favorites that we knew we had to bring back, so *drum roll please*....WE'RE DOING A YEAR LONG CELEBRATION! You read that right, a year long celebration of Greatest Hits colors! 

Each month we will be launching a curated "playlist" of coordinating colorways from the archive. These will be an eclectic lineup that you don't expect! Sort of like when you make your own musical playlist, they are a little bit of everything that fits a specific mood. Some of the "playlists" you can anticipate are Classic Sewrella, Soft Spring, Bright Summer, Jewel Autumn, Holiday, and so many more! 

An exciting component of this Greatest Hits concept (one I've never seen done before so I hope y'all like it!!) is that we have all year long to revisit as many colorways as possible - over 90 in fact! Some of these are even "from the vault" and were never available before! It's going to be a really fun year!

Along with each playlist we'll feature a small selection of limited edition market items - fan favorites from years past like Dole Whip Wool Wash and Lover Hand Cream!

You know that we couldn't just leave it at that! With the launch of our pattern library earlier this year, we knew we wanted to celebrate with some patterns as well. So, each month, there will be a few patterns to go along with some of our colorways each month! These will be available as pattern PDFs as well as kits that highlight some of our biggest hits!

We can't wait for y'all to see the colorways coming back to the shop in this brand new format!

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