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our office tea station

Over here at Sewrella Yarn, we are major tea lovers - you see our wonderful tea selections with each launch, we're obsessed! When decorating the office, it only felt fit to have a little office tea station for that afternoon pick me up! 

We've shared little snippets of it on our Instagram stories and thought it was only fair to share it all with you here in case you wanted to create a little tea station of your own at home!

the big stuff

18" shelf  30" shelf wooden wall hooks
the big stuff for this station includes the shelves and hooks! You know the stuff you have to measure out to make sure they're perfectly spaced and level. We used two different length shelves, an 18" one and a 30" one, of course for your own tea station, grab whatever ones fit your aesthetic and length for your space. Then we have the perfect little wooden wall hooks to hand our mugs from - best part can find them right on amazon!



clock honey pot plant

Accessorizing a space is almost as important as what you're showing off! We love these little extras we added in to make the space a little more extra. Of course for your own tea station, add in whatever feels personal to you! 

the goods

tea strainer purl tea cozy mugs
now for the most important part - the goods! Our tea, mugs, and tea strainers are the most important part of our tea station!
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