Wool Wash


Available in 3 scents!

Cotton Candy: A not-too-sweet spun sugar scent with hints of vanilla. It smells *just* like the real thing and is a really subtle scent.

Dole Whip: Equally sweet & tart just like the ripe pineapple soft serve at the parks! My favorite of the three wool washes and perfect for summer.

Churro: A spicy sweet cinnamon sugar delight - just like the warm churros that seem like they get bigger every time I visit Disneyland.

We recommend 1 tablespoon of wool wash per 1 gallon of water, soak knits for 15 minutes. Roll in a dry towel to expel excess water (no rinse necessary) without stretching and block or lie flat to dry.

4 oz glass jar contains enough wool wash for 8 washes.

Ingredients: gentle castile soap, water, lanolin, coconut oil, apricot oil, fragrance oils.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

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