week 2 Halloween countdown roundup

Let's cover this week's Halloween countdown minis! Check back here each Friday until Halloween to get a roundup of each week's minis! To see last weeks roundup, check out that blog post here

Day 4 - Gallows Hill

A deep golden brown tonal, as if the muddy trek through the woods to Gallows Hill was just a little bit prettier. In Salem, this spot is where the first innocent woman, Bridget Bishop, was hung for witchcraft in 1692. 

Day 5 - Grave

It doesn't get spookier than a graveyard, does it? When we set out to make this countdown we wanted to create a colorway that was a little gross and a little pretty all at once - enter this yellow toned green with deep red speckles. 

Day 6 - Incantation

A glowy golden tonal, like the allure of a spooky story. Like the light of a candle, this colorway shines in the darkness of the rest of the palette. 

Day 7 - The Trials

The Salem Witch Trials were a gruesome scene, one where 19 innocent people were hung for accused witchcraft. The stories of these people, mostly women without a voice or trust from their town, suffered humiliation that is hard to fully understand. I've read about the trials for years and I still have a hard time grasping the reality of this awful time. 

We made a colorway that is a little sad and a little bright. Dark murky greens help us remember the harsh reality of these events and lighter moss and gold remind us that we've come a long way since the trials. 

Day 8 - 1692

A deep moss green tonal with moments of brown, like that of dying leaves. Perhaps the most wearable color of the palette so far, I love the way this colorway works up with just the right amount of variation. 

Day 9 - Sarah Good

A beloved colorway from our past Salem Collections, now in a mini skein! Speckles of black, red, moss green, browns, on a warm greige base makes for a colorway that will transition us into the final color series of the Halloween palette. 

Day 10 - Reckoning

A parchment colored tonal that has a barely-there taupe, mushroom, and cream tones. An excellent companion to the darker colors in the palette, allowing the eyes a place of rest in an otherwise saturated palette. 


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