studio refresh!

The studio has been in need of a little personality for a long time. The two front rooms, our entry and photography space and the one desk-y office room where Brooke and I spend a lot of time have been basically the same as when we first moved in. Apart from adding some plain office furniture and some storage for the yarn fairies to keep their things, it's been two years of staring at blank beige walls.

I've always thought about how to make this space feel more like home and I settled on a few DIY ideas!

First up was PAINT. Contractor grade beige needed to go so we chose Ibis White by Sherwin Williams for the content room up front. It's bright and clean with an ever so slight warm tone. It bounces natural light around the room really well and acts as a reflector to the light to better fill it with the small amount of natural light we have coming through the door.

We chose the same pink that I have at home in our living room for my office, Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster - except we asked the nice folks at the hardware store to color match it and it cost 1/3 the price. Score!

After a friend helped us paint both rooms in a day, there was already a lot more personality around here. Next up were wall treatments.

We added Felt Right tiles to both spaces for different purposes. The content room will become a Youtube Set soon so we needed storage for our huge collection of dye test mini skeins! We use these when developing new colorways to put color palettes together using the dyes currently available. We used the plain white square tiles to coordinate with the white walls in there... the yarn is loud enough!

In my office, we have been using the large back wall for a makeshift mood board for the last 6 months but constantly taping and pinning things onto the drywall was causing lots of wear and tear. So we added Cashmere felt tiles here to match the warmth of the pink walls and provide a neutral backdrop for whatever is pinned to it. Now we can pin up hundreds of things without any damage! Yay!

My favorite thing about the Felt Right system is that they mount to the wall with simple little command style adhesive tabs. It was super easy to hang the first one level, stick it on, and just add more tiles from there. It took about 30 minutes to do each wall!

Next we started revising some furniture. In both spaces originally we had lots of IKEA KALLAX units. We'd shuffled these around from our home office in 2018 into the studio and in various spaces. Eventually we upgraded all our yarn storage to industrial bookshelves that are able to maximize the space we have so we were able to make some more design forward choices with the furniture in these front rooms while keeping it functional.

In the content room, we added a few aesthetic storage pieces for shooting our new yarn dyeing show, Sewrella's Studio, on Youtube. A 10 foot picture ledge for some leaned inspiration photos that connect to the colorway in the video, as well as a 10 foot shelf for dyes, tools, and other materials with brackets and a 6 foot hanging brass rail from deVOL. I'm in love with how this came out! We can hang little baskets and pitchers and tools from the rail in a really pretty way. I just love it.

In my office we've added some floating bookshelves just like in my craft room at home - they're from Nathan James and are such a good buy for the price. I love that they are open in the back and you can see the paint color behind! They have a much lighter look to them than the standard heavy bookcases. Here we store anything and everything for the upcoming collection, colorways and market goods still in development and those waiting to be shared. It's a wall of inspiration!

We've added a couple of other small pieces to make the room feel cozy, like these battery operated sconces (that are rechargeable and SO gorgoeus!!!) on either side of the mood board tiles. They add such a homey touch.

We're also in the process of adding ceiling tiles that look like vintage molding. These are just pieces of lightweight PVC that you stick up into the opening where the cork tile is. I can't wait to get this finished, just look at the difference so far!

We still want to add a big armoire for the seasonal lookbook samples but I have my eye on a really expensive one that I'm saving up for. Hopefully soon we can add that to the space. Now I'm just working on layering and adding plants, storage for files and documents, some wall art, and more homey touches. I'm so pleased with the transformation so far.

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