halloween countdown recap

We had so much fun over here at Sewrella Yarn HQ each day opening the countdown skeins with you to Halloween! Let's recap all of the colors! And we want to know, which was your favorite?

Day 1 - The Witch House

We're beginning this spooky calendar with a fan favorite & the dark, moody colors of the witchiest house in Salem. Deep plum, rust, gold, black, and moss green blend to make a stunner of a colorway.

Day 2 - Coven 

A deep golden black is the perfect tonal to get us in the mood for what's to come for the rest of this palette.

Day 3 - Lore

A really muddled variegated with layers and layers of blended color - I love this colorway because it almost looks like a tonal until you hold it in the light or work it up, and it totally transforms! Kind of like a tall tale of witches in Salem

Day 4 - Gallows Hill

A deep golden brown tonal, as if the muddy trek through the woods to Gallows Hill was just a little bit prettier. In Salem, this spot is where the first innocent woman, Bridget Bishop, was hung for witchcraft in 1692.⁠

Day 5 - Grave

It doesn't get spookier than a graveyard, does it? When we set out to make this countdown we wanted to create a colorway that was a little gross and a little pretty all at once - enter this yellow toned green with deep red speckles.⁠

Day 6 - Incantation

A glowy golden tonal, like the allure of a spooky story. Like the light of a candle, this colorway shines in the darkness of the rest of the palette, I just love it!

Day 7 - The Trials

The Salem Witch Trials were a gruesome scene, one where 19 innocent people were hung for accused witchcraft. The stories of these people, mostly women without a voice or trust from their town, suffered humiliation that is hard to fully understand. I've read about the trials for years and I still have a hard time grasping the reality of this awful time.⁠ ⁠

We made a colorway that is a little sad and a little bright. Dark murky greens help us remember the harsh reality of these events and lighter moss and gold remind us that we've come a long way since the trials.

Day 8 - 1692

A deep moss green tonal with moments of brown, like that of dying leaves. Perhaps the most wearable color of the palette so far, I love the way this colorway works up with just the right amount of variation.⁠

Day 9 - Sarah Good

A beloved colorway from our past Salem Collections, now in a mini skein! Speckles of black, red, moss green, browns, on a warm greige base makes for a colorway that will transition us into the final color series of the Halloween palette.⁠

Day 10 - Reckoning

A parchment colored tonal that has a barely-there taupe, mushroom, and cream tones. An excellent companion to the darker colors in the palette, allowing the eyes a place of rest in an otherwise saturated palette.

Day 11 - Rebecca Nurse

My favorite colorway of the countdown and a story that haunts me still. Rebecca Nurse was the oldest woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. She was 71 years old when she was hung on Gallows Hill. A respected woman in her community, a mother to eight children, and an active owner of a 300 acre farm - she was a woman full of life and love. Her death encapsulates the degree of hysteria in Salem at the time.⁠ ⁠ We honor her with a beautiful, dark colorway.

Deep plum, burgundy, chestnut, and wine blend to make a yarn that is full of depth and story, just like Rebecca Nurse

Day 12 - 309

It was three hundred and nine years from the first hanging of the Salem Witch Trials for the last victims to be legally exonerated from the crimes which they were wrongfully accused. It took hundreds of years for these innocent men and women to be given the respect they deserve.⁠ ⁠

A deep red tonal seemed the color best fitting for this bit of history. A highly emotional color, emulating anger and love all at once, it communicates how I feel about the long awaited relief of exoneration.⁠

Day 13 - Dorothy Good

The 13th and final colorway in our countdown is dedicated to perhaps the most innocent of them all, the four year old daughter of Sarah Good who was imprisoned for witchcraft for 9 months in 1692. This story breaks my heart and I won't tell it here, but if you want to remember her and her infant sister, Mercy, there are many articles telling their stories.⁠ ⁠

We honor Dorothy with a dimensional maroon, gold, and chestnut variegated yarn that works up to compliment the entirety of our Halloween Countdown.⁠

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