halloween countdown pattern recomendations

Our Halloween Countdown is almost here! Whether you're waiting to open your Halloween minis until our official countdown date, October 19th, or you couldn't take the suspense and opened them early, we put together some pattern ideas for you on what to make with your minis! 

Here's some info on minis in case you want to find your own patterns to make! Each mini skein is 80 yards, so your Halloween mini set is equal to 800 yards. 

Knit Patterns

Forestie Shawl

(Tatsiana Matsiuk)

Plaid Pocket Socks

(Shuyi Wu)

The Shift

(Andrea Mowry)

Jupiter Crop

(Caitlin Hunter) 

Oh My Gourd Cowl

(Nova Hanson)

Katie's Kep

(Wilma Malcolmson)

Crochet Patterns 

Nordic Terrain Beanie

(Farrah Hodgson)

Such Simple Shawl

(Wilma Westenberg)


(Tinna Thorvaldsdottir)

Party Punch Shawl

(Toni Lipsey)

Jewel Tone Tee

(Knits N Knots)


(Elena Fedotova)

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