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French Country Spring

The palette of my dreams, and my personal favorite of our four seasonal in stock tonal palettes, is BACK! Coming to the shop this Friday March 10th at noon eastern & remaining in stock until the Summer. We have so many patterns planned and even an all new limited edition base yarn this season! 

Read all about the inspiration behind the palette below.

When it came time to start brainstorming our Spring tonal palette for our seasonal in-stock yarns, I happened to be daydreaming about spending an extended vacation in the south of France... as you do on a Wednesday during working hours.

I was browsing some obscure Airbnb search while eating my lunch from my favorite chopped salad place, listening to a French cafe lounge playlist when I stumbled across it. The world's most perfect rental.

In a tiny town in the Provencal region near Cannes, nestled among rural wine country and cottages engulfed in vines sits a house. Not just any house, Julia Child's house.

Anyone who's seen the early 2000s rom com classic Julie & Julia knows that Julia Child was a loud, passionate American who fell in love with France. She loved the people and the architecture and the FOOD. Butter and cheese and red wine and herbs and pastry. She loved it all with abandon and eventually turned that life long obsession into her life's work, becoming a cultural icon responsible for the way cooking and teaching is alive in the world today. She was silly and serious and fearless and bursting with love all at once.

I've loved her spirit since I was a little girl and always hoped that my life's work would be something so fulfilling that my soul was laid bare for the world - just like Julia's. So when I stumbled upon her house, her kitchen - the only one in existence outside of the Smithsonian Museum - available now to rent by the week... I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Nestled in a tiny town in France I've never heard of, with a sage green pegboard kitchen and classic gingham linens, I have fallen in love with this place from halfway around the world.

I knew I had to create the Spring Tonal palette as a love letter to this house and this region in France. What must it be like to smell the lavender of Provence? To pick fresh herbs in Julia's garden? To drift off to sleep on the linen sheets that were hung on the line to dry in the french country sun?

It must be calming and invigorating and complete bliss. That's what I hoped to achieve with our Spring Tonal palette this season. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Oh, and here's the link to the Airbnb. Dreamy, ain't it?

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